A summary of desertification

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

Similarly, diverse natural ecosystems and plant and animal biodiversity can be restored to vast areas of degraded deserts. A better delineation of desertification would enable cost-effective action in areas affected by it. Some plants emit special chemicals allelochemicals from their roots or leaves, which repel pests.

Countries affected by desertification are developing and carrying out action programs that spell out how to combat desertification in a particular area. Container gardening makes observation easy and, whenever necessary, containers can easily be moved around.

Another example of desertification's A summary of desertification was the loss of land bordering the Gobi desert leading to record dust storms that damage the health of people in Seoul in South Korea, thousands of kilometres away.

Its coverage included mechanisms for regular review of the Treaty; how to secure long-term financing for the Treaty, including the role of the Global Environmental Facility GEF and the Global Mechanism in financing anti- desertification efforts; and strengthening the relationships between the Desertification Treaty and other treaties.

Increased integration of land and water management is a key method for desertification prevention. Filling the container When filling a container, leave at least a 5 cm 2 inch space between the top of the soil and the top of the container for adding some mulch about four-fifths full.

The Committee also will review information and advice from the Global Mechanism, the work of the Committee on Science and Technology, reports by various organizations, and relevant programs and funds of the United Nations. First and foremost, there is much educational work to be done with local populations on the dangers of deforestation and how to curb it.

Giving local communities the capacity to prevent desertification and to manage dryland resources effectively. This results in mass migrations out of rural areas and into urban areas, particularly in Africa.

Desertification and Climate Change

However, the planting of adequate agroforestry species and the application of sustainable soil management approaches transform such woodlands into multipurpose agroforestry plantations for the production of food, fodder, energy and timber.

This mix may contain a number of different materials: The Committee on Science and Technology maintains a roster of experts, consisting of nominations by parties to the Treaty, from which the ad hoc panels are composed. Protecting the vegetative cover, which can be a major instrument for soil conservation against wind and water erosion.

Many are susceptible to rot. As well as the consequences for food and water, violent conflicts and migration will also increase, he said, affecting those living outside drylands.

Can Livestock Grazing Stop Desertification?

This can be a long-term process, whereby plant induced rock-withering, together with decomposing biomass, can slowly restore the original, fertile humus layers that were lost by erosion.

Some 18 developed countries, including the United States, are directly affected by desertification. Using a clay or plastic pot as a liner can help. So if only watering from the bottom, using a saucer full of water, it will never flush the soil, which can lead to accumulation of salt deposits on the container wall.

Different categories of obligations are outlined, depending on whether they apply to: Project Wadi Attir is a small, but fully integrated and holistic effort to demonstrate and quantify those complex interactions while providing significant economic and social gains.

Together with expected positive economic and social impacts, dryland restoration emerges as a top-priority, win-win approach in sustainable development. Degraded Shrubland Fig 7A.Can Livestock Grazing Stop Desertification?

Overgrazing has been a major cause of the creeping advance of deserts worldwide, but new management techniques might make livestock part of the solution. Desert A desert is an arid land area where more water is lost through evaporation than is gained from precipitation.

Deserts include the familiar hot, dry desert of rock and sand that is almost barren. Desertification Treaty: Evolution, Summary, and Status Summary Desertification—land degradation in arid, semi-arid, and dry sub-humid land areas—is generally attributed to a combination of climatic variations and human activities.

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Desertification is a type of land degradation in which a relatively dry area of land becomes increasingly arid, typically losing its bodies of water as well as vegetation and wildlife.

It is caused by a variety of factors, such as through climate change. Explore the latest publications, journals, articles, and references on desertification, land degradation, drought and sustainable land management.

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A summary of desertification
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