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Exporting Electronic Waste Chapter 8. These and many more substances found in e-waste are either poisonous, carcinogenic or both, and can accumulate in soil, water and food. Primarily, technical-grade octabromodiphenyl ether octaBDE and decabromodiphenyl ether decaBDE are used in the plastic housings of electronics, whereas technical-grade pentabromodiphenyl ether pentaBDE is used primarily in polyurethane to manufacture foam and padding materials.

About a hundred growers have entered the program, and Khosla says he expects more to join before next year's growing season gets under way.

Companies need to determine if the non-domestic recyclers that they contracted with are capable of handling the materials that they are being sent and are adopting industry best practices, such as those created by groups like the Responsible Business Alliance.

Indeed, the author's common-sense arguments are presented with such clarity and power that inaction seems absurd: If you sit at a desk in an office, talk to friends on your cell phone, watch High tech trash, listen to music on headphones, are a child in Guangdong, or a native of the Arctic, you are part of this story.

The author visits several semiconductor manufacturing sites where water is withdrawn at unsustainable rates and discharged into local rivers in High tech trash fouled condition. Many organizations are trying to adapt older equipment so that it can be reused, rather than thrown away.

High tech trash to the U. But little of this legislation covers the larger electronic devices. To read the entire article and its features, please go to the National Geographic magazine website http: The directive covers the collection, recycling and recovery of e-waste and results in a higher quantity of processed e-waste.

Crank the handle of Motorola's portable cell phone charger for 45 seconds to gain two to five minutes of talk time or several hours of standby time. A tax on plastic bags has also been mentioned, along with a target to recycle up to 60 percent of plastic by Despite the danger of throwing these hazardous materials in a landfill, that's exactly where tons of computers end up.

This is a story for our times. Hardcover Verified Purchase "High Tech Trash" by Elizabeth Grossman is an eye-opening account of the mounting environmental costs of living in a technology-dependent society.

If that was one of the vendors that you were using, then you could be at risk for some liability there. As markets expand into developing countries, more and more people are adopting—and discarding—the latest technology.

Not In Our Backyard: Surasak told Thai media on Wednesday that imports of some electronic appliances and second-hand devices would be allowed if these items can be repaired and reused. As regulators try to clamp down on the issue, manufacturers, retailers and end-users will need to understand how e-waste could impact their businesses and what they need to do to avoid potentially costly consequences.

For example, in the U. In addition, Microsoft requires compliance with all applicable laws, including the Basel Treaty, U. The chapters on recycling and on the flow of electronic waste from consumers to landfills and the export of waste to developing countries are well written and detailed.

But little of this legislation covers the larger electronic devices. In the Netherlands, you can bring your old computer to the retailer when buying a new one, and the retailer must by law accept it free of charge.

Cathode-ray tube CRT monitors, commonly used in older glass video displays, contain four pounds of lead. Unfortunately, we have just now begun to address these issues, and changes will not be quick or easy. Not only do recycling programs help shield organizations from the risks associated with improper disposal, but they come with a financial upside as well.

High Tech Trash: Digital Devices, Hidden Toxins, and Human Health

Grossman succeeds in exposing one of today's most underreported environmental problems in a persuasive and compelling manner. As Grossman notes, "This is a story in which we all play a part, whether we know it or not. Through her careful research and analysis, we understand that greater regulation of the production and disposal of high tech equipment is urgently needed in the U.

Check with your local authorities before stenciling. Eighty percent is being stockpiled, which could create even bigger problems in the future, and the remaining 10 percent is landfilled.

CNG targets small, diversified farmers who distribute locally through farmer's markets, farm stands, community-supported agriculture, restaurants and small grocery stores. In addition, some insurers may be willing to pay for e-waste auditing, training or other risk management services as part of a comprehensive coverage program.

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The main international regulation is the Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal, a multilateral treaty aimed at curtailing environmentally and socially detrimental hazardous waste trading patterns.Learn why high-tech trash is becoming a real problem when disposing of obsolete electronics like computers and cell phones.

Computer technology is advancing so fast that old hardware quickly. High Tech Trash: Digital Devices, Hidden Toxins, and Human Health Reviewed by Andreas Sjödin Andreas Sjödin is the laboratory chief of the Combustion Products and Persistent Pollutants Biomonitoring Laboratory at the National Center for Environmental Heath at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

High Tech Trash is her full-blast wake-up call about the toxic properties of electronic device waste. Each year, Americans discard million tons of high-tech "e-trash," a deadly cyber-stew of lead, mercury, cadmium, plastic, and other health hazards.

High Tech Trash is a wake-up call to the importance of the e-waste issue and the health hazards involved. Americans alone own more than two billion pieces of high tech electronics and discard five to seven million tons each year. May 16,  · A powerful documentary about the dumping of toxic computer wastes on developing nations, specifically Guiyu, China.

To learn how you can prevent your electronics from ending up. FILE PHOTO: Custom officers stand next to electronic waste hidden in a freight container during a search at Leam Chabang industrial estate.

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High tech trash
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