The question of whether loius riel was a traitor or a hero

These peopleare considered "rebels" by Canada because Canada claims right ofdominion over them. We can see more of the spin or political managing by using the termMetis to describe Riel. In this life time Riel was named the Secretary for the National Committee of the Red River Metis and people came to him for advice instead of the president.

He showed that the Metis can stand on there own 5 people found this useful What did Louis Riel start?

'Honour a great man': Louis Riel's legacy gets its due

On 3 Mayhe returned quietly to his home in Saint-Vital, Red River, although he often stayed in hiding. However, writers often ignore that Riel was very cautious of the Canadian national project, seeing it as assimilatory as much as unifying.

They continued to survey the land without authority to them. InManitoba recognized him with a public holiday held annually in February. Braz is better at articulating such judgements than at theorizing the complex relation between history and fiction; he puts 'Canadian culture' to the test of the historical record, and often finds it wanting.

As suchthey considered him Canadian and when he fought for his rightfulownership of his land he could be nothing but a traitor, a rebel. When it comes to Canadian history there is rarely one correctanswer.

It was a complete immorality for the government, not recognizing the Metis Unless of course Canada continues to write Western Canadianhistory.

He was aMetis - that is, he was half European half Aboriginal - and he leda resistance on behalf of the rights being denied to Metis inManitoba. Louis Riel never lived in the house, but visited briefly in the summer of His sense of direction was confused in his purposes were equivocal.

Whatever your viewpoints, Mr.

What did Louis Riel start?

Macdonald, who was instrumental in upholding Riel's sentence, is famously quoted as saying: Nevertheless, he slowly recovered, and was released from the asylum on 23 January [45] with an admonition to lead a quiet life. Nevertheless, stress and financial troubles precipitated a serious illness—perhaps a harbinger of his future mental afflictions—that prevented his return to Manitoba until May His people were on the verge of starvation.

Even the Northwest "Rebellion" can be seen as part of thatresistance because Canada had been negotiating in bad faith whenthey got some to agree to the province of Manitoba.

In the interim, Riel's support began to waver. He consequently began calling himself Louis "David" Riel, prophet of the new world, and he would pray standing for hours, having servants help him to hold his arms in the shape of a cross.

Enacting a foreign law in Canada, is the real act of treason, and"Sir" John A MacDonald was a staunch and unwavering supporter ofsaid decision.

The Northwest Rebellion of was another story. Although the 6 man jury found him guilty, they recommended mercy for him. However, they suffered a setback on 17 February, when forty-eight men, including Boulton and Thomas Scottwere arrested near Fort Garry. He was an advocate for French rights in Canada, and forced the federal government at the time to give his settlement a provincial status, becoming the province of Manitoba.

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Worst yet most did notunquestioningly welcome their new masters. To many in Quebec he is a herobecause he was French-speaking and stood up to English Canadians.

Louis Riel

You need to assess his accomplishments and what they did for the Metis history. Louis Riel in Canadian Culture. I think that Louis Riel was both a hero and a traitor becuase to some people he was a hero but for others he was a triator.

Louis Riel was no hero, Letter Nov. 26

This presented a severe political difficulty for Mackenzie, who was hopelessly caught between the demands of Quebec and Ontario. Modern biographers have speculated that he may have suffered from the psychological condition megalomania.

Moreover, settlers from Europe and the eastern provinces were also moving into the Saskatchewan territories, and they too had complaints related to the administration of the territories.The question of Louis Riel’s insanity was, inthe biggest question of the year; the answer meant life or death to a man.

Death came, but the question continued, and in  · Louis Riel, from dangerous rebel to hero Louis Riel, the 19 th century Metis leader and activist for his people who is now commonly regarded as the founder of the Manitoba, was certainly not held in very high regard in the history textbooks I grew up with in s Ontario public  · Riel was no more a traitor than Sitting Bull who opposed the expansionist, gold hungry Americans, the Boer Louis Botha who opposed the gold and diamond hungry British, or the Schleswig Dane Ditlev Gothard Monrad who opposed the militaristic land hungry Louis Riel: Louis Riel, Canadian leader of the Métis in western Canada.

Riel grew up in the Red River Settlement in present-day Manitoba. He studied for the priesthood in Montreal (though he was never ordained) and worked at various jobs before returning to Red  · Louis riel was a traitor because: 1.

He executed Thomas Scott 2. he fled to the USA when the Metis needed him most 3. he rebelled against the government In the case of Louis Riel, the question of whether he is a hero or a traitor is left hanging and debatable in every Canadians and still lingers up to the present.

The question of whether loius riel was a traitor or a hero

Whatever your viewpoints, Mr. Riel is really a hero to the Metis, as he sacrifices his life for the seek of justice and recognition of the rights of the

The question of whether loius riel was a traitor or a hero
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